On the third of August 2008, the very first mega event was held in the UK, in the Cedar Court hotel, just over the road from today’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic on The Stray, Harrogate. The event has grown over the years to this week where we celebrate the tenth anniversary.

As part of our celebration of that day we invite you to take a walk around the town centre and answer a few questions about Harrogate’s History.

While you are completing them, you may wish to have the I <3 Harrogate Wherigo running. GC7TWNC

Newby Hall

Welcome to the lab caches for the 10th Anniversary UK Mega event.

We have tried to put together caches that will force you to be social, to work with others, to infuriate and to delight.

We hope that they are enjoyed by folks of all ages. Have fun!